R&D and Technological Innovation (R&D&I)

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R&D and Technological Innovation (R&D&I)

The acronym “R&D&I” stands for “Research, Development and Technological Innovation”. It enables companies to keep abreast of the latest developments in the technological environment they operate in, encourages their creativity, and helps them develop new products and services that are more advanced than those of their competitors.

Implementing an efficient R&D&I Management System can help you to make the most of the technical and financial endeavours you are making or going to make in this field, as it maximises the opportunities to successfully complete projects. In addition, it helps you justify the tax-deductible expenses incurred in R&D&I.

I+D e Innovación Tecnológica (I+D+i)

Implementing an efficient R&D&I Management System can achieve the following benefits:

A better understanding of your technological environment

Encouraging creativity in your organisation

Creating more competitive products and services

Optimising your R&D&I resources

Maximising your opportunity for success

Justifying R&D&I tax deductions

These are some of the consultancy services we offer in this area:

UNE 166002 Certification

We can help you set up and certify a Management System to standardise R&D&I activity in your organisation. This will also benefit you when tendering and bidding.

Auditoría Interna
Internal Audits

A second party process or R&D&I Management System audit by an independent external expert will help you to identify what is missing and what can be improved.

Lanzamiento de Proyectos I+D+i
Launching R&D&I Projects

We can help you find the most suitable technological partners and public and/or private investors to launch your new R&D&I projects, both in Spain and abroad.

UNE 166001 Certification

We will prepare the project report, identify the certifier, and carry out all the procedures on your behalf until you obtain the corresponding certificate (100% “turnkey” service).

Fomento de la Creatividad
Encouraging Creativity

“The six hats’, ‘SCAMPER’, ‘Brainstorming’ and ‘The 5 questions’ are some methods that can help you generate new ideas that will sow the seeds of interesting, new R&D&I projects.

Herramientas informáticas
IT tools

Having your R&D&I activity registered and managed through an efficient IT system, tailor-made for you, not only gives you security and reliability, but will make day-to-day work much easier.

Ayudas ‘Patent Box’
‘Patent Box’ Assistance

We can help you implement this tax incentive if you have income from the transfer of an intangible asset (patents, industrial design, utility models and “know how”), including intra-group.

Externalización de Sistemas
Systems Outsourcing

We will take responsibility for maintaining your Management System so you can spend your time and resources on other R&D&I activities that are more important for your organisation.

Deducciones Fiscales I+D+i:
R&D&I Tax Deductions

We can perform the technical justification for the RD & IT expenses incurred each financial year so they can be deducted from Corporate Tax, in accordance with Royal Decree 1432/2003.

+15M € de gasto deducible en I+D/IT
Seeking Funding

We will study the regional, national, European, and international R&D&I assistance programmes that most interest you and prepare your application ((100% “turnkey” service).

Homologaciones Grandes Clientes
Large Client Approval

We can help you become approved by large private clients or public authorities as an organisation that regularly carries out R&D&I.

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