Cuevas & Montoto Consultores’ managing partners have spent several years heading up the management systems departments of a large Spanish multinational organisation. Our expert consultants also have extensive past professional experience working for different companies.

This past experience ensures we know what a company is looking for when it decides to appoint an external consultant to implement a new project.

That’s why our approach is focussed, and only offers our clients what they really need and delivers exactly what they want. We believe in results-orientated consultancy, which is why we work in this way.


Our mission, vision and values reflect this:



Our slogan ‘Results-orientated consultancy’ perfectly summarises our way of working: we provide our clients with specialised consultancy services in the fields of Corporate Social Responsibility, Quality and Process Improvement, Environmental Management, Occupational Health and Safety, and Research, Development and Technological Innovation (R&D&I). We adapt our service to the level our clients need in each of these areas.



“We aim to become a leading international consultancy company in our advice fields. This is why we offer our services across the board, to leading companies in their production sectors, regardless of their level of maturity in these areas, but with a clear mission for national and international growth.”



“We ensure that we offer our clients consultancy services to help them improve. We want to provide them with maximum value at the lowest possible cost and in the shortest time, allowing them to optimise the resources available. We achieve this by only offering clients the services they really need, honestly, to build a close, long-term, and trusting relationship between us.”

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