Consultancy levels

Depending on your organisation’s level of development in our consultancy fields (Corporate Social Responsibility, Quality and Process Improvement, Environmental Management, Occupational Health and Safety, and Research, Development and Technological Innovation (R&D&I)), we can offer you three consultancy levels, allowing you to grow in each area at a pace to suit you, and always according to your needs:



Designed for organisations taking their first steps in these fields.

First, we’ll help you identify the legal and regulatory requirements that apply to your activities, to then put in place the necessary procedures and controls to ensure ongoing compliance.

The results of this analysis allow us to propose an action plan to be carried out, which is an initial “roadmap” for your journey to continuous improvement.

Nivel Avanzado
Nivel Excelencia


Aimed at organisations that have already covered the basics and want to move forward.

After analysing your situation in these fields and performing a competitor comparison, we will propose a list of actions for improvement, that will include the design, implementation, and certification of one or more Management Systems based on international standards. This will enable you to gain new clients, reduce your operational risks and enhance your reputation with regulatory bodies and the public.

We will also support these organisations in the annual maintenance of these certifications so they can continuously improve.



Suitable for organisations that want to achieve excellence in these fields.

We help you draw up a Master Plan that combines your organisation’s objectives in these five fields and aligns them with the company’s strategic objectives.

This will attract more and better investors, access finance on better terms, recruit and retain the best talent, increase employees’ price of belonging and productivity and enhance corporate reputation with clients and regulators. Examples of this could be publishing a sustainability report that demonstrates the organisation’s level of excellence or obtaining some of the most stringent national and international recognition and accreditation in these fields.


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