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Corporate Social Responsibility or “CSR”, also known as Entrepreneurial Social Responsibility or “ESR” is a strategic management tool you can use to optimise your relationships with your stakeholders.

The stakeholders are internal and external partners that directly and indirectly influence a company’s productivity and profitability, have an impact on reputation and ultimately determine its ability to survive.

Responsabilidad Social Corporativa

A CSR Master Plan that smartly aligns with the business strategy can have worthwhile benefits:

Mitigates exposure to business risks

Attracts long-term, stable investors

Enhances the company’s reputation

Attracts and retains the best talent

Increases the pride of belonging

Promotes company continuity

These are some of the consultancy services we offer in this area:

Plan Director
CSR Master Plan

We can identify your key stakeholders and help you define a new CSR strategy directed at them to maximise mutual benefit through ‘win-win’ agreements.

Memorias de Sostenibilidad
Sustainability Reports:

An efficient CSR Report that provides relevant information on how you have integrated your CSR and business strategies can be an effective communication channel with your stakeholders.

Adhesión al Pacto Mundial
Adherence with the Global Compact:

Complying with the 10 United Nations Global Compact Principles is the best way to minimise operational risks and ensure your organisation is both responsible and sustainable.

Compras responsables
Responsible Purchasing:

We will analyse your normal purchasing framework and propose more responsible/sustainable providers that offer the same service level as the current ones, and with no cost increase.

Código Ético y Canal Denuncia
Ethical Code and Whistle-blower Channel:

The Criminal Code already allows company directors to be held criminally liable if their employees commit crimes. A strong Ethical Code with an efficient Whistle-blower Channel will protect them from this.

Cumplimiento Ley Discapacidad
Compliance with the Disability Act

If you have more than 50 employees and less than 2% have a disability, the act allows you to purchase goods or services for them from Special Employment Centres. We can help you with doing this.

CSR Training

Do your employees know what ‘CSR’, ‘ESR’, ‘corporate volunteering’ or ‘stakeholders’ are? We can train your management and non-management staff in these concepts in a practical and simple way.

Voluntariado Corporativo
Corporate Volunteering

This activity allows you to respond to the social/environmental concerns of your employees, increase motivation and ‘pride of belonging’ and enhance your reputation as a responsible company.

Diplomacia Corporativa
Corporate Diplomacy

All organisations operate in a socio-environmental arena that can sometimes make it difficult to perform their activities. We help them identify these operational risks and manage them properly.

Bonos Verdes (ISR)
Green Bonds (income tax)

Green bonds give access to funding, which demonstrates to potential investors that you manage your business not only profitably, but also socially and environmentally.

Planes de Igualdad
Equality Plans

We can help you with compliance with Royal Decrees 901/2020 and 902/2020, thorough an initial analysis, the creation of salary records and the identification of specific improvements that will shape your Equality Plan.

Directrices ISO 26000
ISO 26000 Guidelines

This non-certifiable standard will advise you on how to significantly increase your commitment to your employees, your socio-environmental arena, and your interaction with the rest of your ‘stakeholders’.

IQNet SR10 Certification

We can help you set up and certify a Social Responsibility Management System under this international standard, aimed at maximising the benefits of your stakeholder relations.

Planes de Diversidad
Diversity Plans

In recent years, internationalisation and globalisation have greatly increased business diversity. We can help you create plans to successfully manage this: “to unite without confusion; to differentiate without separation”.

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