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Quality schemes to ensure product or service quality that a company sells have been in existence for a long time and their effectiveness has been successfully proven.

Process management with measurement indicators has also been assisting all kinds of companies to improve their productivity, reduce costs and mitigate risk exposure associated with their activities for many years.

Calidad y Mejora de Procesos

Implementing an efficient Quality Management System can achieve the following benefits:

Better operational risk management

Problem detection at an early stage

Analysis to avoid recurrence

Better preparation for unforeseen events

Being more efficient and competitive

Reducing costs and continuous improvement

These are some of the consultancy services we offer in this area:

ISO 9001 Certification

We can help you set up and certify a Quality Management System aimed at the Continuous Improvement of your internal processes. This will also benefit you when tendering and bidding.

Auditoría Interna
Internal Audits

A second party process or Quality Management System audit by an independent external expert will help you to identify what is missing and what can be improved.

Inspecciones a proveedores
Provider inspections

Do you know how your main providers really work? We can help you find out by conducting on-site inspections of your providers in Spain and abroad.

Optimización de procesos
Process optimisation

Do you know if your organisation’s valuable resources are being wasted? We can analyse your processes, detect inefficiencies, and suggest concrete, time and cost-saving improvements.

KPIs y Cuadros de Mando
KPIs and Control Panels

If something is not measured it does not exist and therefore cannot be improved. We can design an indicator control panel tailor made for you, containing valuable information that will allow you to make decisions in good time.

Herramientas informáticas
IT tools

Having internal processes documents and managed through an efficient IT system, tailor-made for you, not only gives you security and reliability, but will make day-to-day work much easier.

Adaptación ISO 9001:2015
ISO 9001:2015 Adaptation

The deadline was September 2018. We can adapt your Quality Management System simply and thoroughly, so you pass the external transition audit without any problems.

Externalización de Sistemas
Systems Outsourcing

We will take responsibility for maintaining your Quality Management System so you can spend your time and resources on other, more profitable activities for your organisation.

Implantación Modelo EFQM
EFQM Model Implementation

This Total Quality European scheme can help you improve customer and employee satisfaction, maximise your positive impact on society and increase your financial results.

Licitaciones internacionales
International Tenders

We will study the specifications of international tenders you wish to apply for on your behalf and create the part that explains your Quality Management System (100% ‘turnkey’ service).

Homologaciones Grandes Clientes
Key Client Homologation

We can help you become approved by large private clients or public authorities as an organisation that works under a Quality Management model.

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