Cuevas & Montoto Consultores evalúa la sede del Grupo FCC en Barcelona bajo criterios de Accesibilidad Universal

Cuevas & Montoto evaluates the headquarters in Barcelona of the FCC Group under DALCO criteria of Universal Accessibility

Cuevas & Montoto Consultores has recently concluded a new agreement with the FCC Group to carry out an evaluation of compliance with the DALCO Universal Accessibility Criteria, this time at its headquarters in Barcelona.

The project will consist, first of all, in analysing the facilities of this headquarters in Barcelona through a virtual visit, to then design some customised checklists with which, in a subsequent visit, this time in person, a detailed description diagnosis will be carried of the level of compliance with each of the DALCO Universal Accessibility criteria (DALCO being an acronym of the Spanish words Deambulación, Aprehensión, Localización y Comunicación -ambulation, seizure, localisation, and communication in English-) defined in detail in the UNE 170001-1:2007 standard (Part 1: DALCO criteria to facilitate accessibility to the environment).

For Cuevas & Montoto Consultores, this project means consolidating its relationship with the FCC Group, world leader in environmental services and the construction and operation of infrastructures, as well as strengthening its consulting area in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility, adding this to other projects carried out previously both for this same client, consisting of the same work to assess the level of compliance with the DALCO Universal Accessibility Criteria at its headquarters in Madrid, and for other clients, such as the one recently awarded by Hispasat, to help them design and certify a new Management System under the international standard IQNet SR-10 of Corporate Social Responsibility, or the one carried out for Ballesol, consisting of the preparation of a Risk Matrix and Checklists for the correct management of criminal and non-criminal ‘Compliance’ in its Care Centres for Dependent Elderly People, or that related to the preparation, monitoring and updating of the Equality Plans of two subsidiaries in Spain of the Austrian Kapsch Group.

About the FCC Group
The FCC Group, with more than 59,000 employees worldwide, is a global leader in Citizen Services, Environmental Services, Integrated Water Management (through its subsidiary ‘Aqualia’) and Infrastructure Management (through its subsidiaries ‘FCC Construcción’, with which it designs, develops, and maintains infrastructures throughout the world, and ‘Cementos Portland Valderrivas’, a listed company and cement production leader in Spain).

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