Cuevas & Montoto is to provide Hispasat with technical advice on environmental compliance

Cuevas & Montoto Consultores has reached an agreement with Hispasat to provide them with specialized technical advice on environmental matters.

In accordance with this agreement, Hispasat will have an annual bag of consulting hours to be used in making consultations at will to a Cuevas & Montoto consulting team specialized in environmental compliance. Moreover, this annual bag of consultancy hours initially defined may be extended, at any time, at the request of Hispasat.

By signing of this contract, Cuevas & Montoto Consultores consolidates its relationship with Hispasat, one of its main clients, with which it seeks to maintain a long-term strategic relationship, with a clear vocation for continuity. This new advisory project launched with this client -this time regarding environmental consulting- adds to the one achieved in 2022 through which we helped Hispasat obtain the IQNet SR 10 Corporate Social Responsibility certification in Spain.

About Hispasat
The Hispasat Group is the Spanish operator of communications satellites, leader in the distribution of content in Spanish and Portuguese. It has more than 25 years of experience and maintains a strong presence in the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America, where it is already the fourth satellite operator. In recent years, Grupo Hispasat has positioned itself solidly in high-growth markets and has a stable base of strategic customers. Hispasat Group distributes more than 1,250 television and radio channels through its powerful fleet of satellites and is a key driver of the Spanish aerospace industry. [source:]

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