Cuevas & Montoto Consultores ayudará a Ballesol a gestionar su ‘Compliance’ Legal Penal y no Penal en España

Cuevas & Montoto Consultores helps Ballesol manage its Legal and Compliance Risks in Spain

Cuevas & Montoto Consultores has reached an agreement with Ballesol whereby it will provide support consulting for the preparation of a Matrix that contains all the Legal and Criminal Compliance Risks that may apply to them in the Care Centres for Dependent Elderly People that they manage in Spain.

The project will consist, first of all, of the detailed identification of the specific legal requirements, both of a criminal and non-criminal nature, that apply to it in Spain. Next, with the support of the different areas of the Ballesol Group and in coordination with the Quality Department, an assessment of the risk of non-compliance with each legal requirement identified in the previous step will be carried out, to categorise them according to their criticality. Lastly, for those risks that have significant criticality, specific risk treatment measures will be established, as well as other controls or additional prevention measures, if necessary, assigning a department responsible for their implementation and a periodicity in which to verify compliance.

For Cuevas & Montoto Consultores, this project represents a new expansion of its client portfolio, as well as consolidating its advisory department on Corporate Social Responsibility, adding this to other projects previously carried out for other clients in this same area, such as that carried out for the Kapsch Group, in relation to the preparation of their Equality Plans, or those carried out for Servired, both to help them define a new CSR strategy, and to advise them on the management of their Value Chain.

About Ballesol
Since 1980, ‘Intercentros Ballesol S.A.’ has been committed to providing its Residents with the best care and attention to make them feel confident, safe, and satisfied. With over 40 years’ experience and a workforce of more than 3,600 professionals, it offers an integral solution for the needs of the elderly. Ballesol provides its services with a sustainable approach and seeks the highest quality levels.

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