Cuevas & Montoto is to help Hispamar Satélites (Grupo Hispasat) to be certified under the IQNet SR-10 Social Responsibility standard in Brazil

Cuevas & Montoto Consultores has recently reached an agreement with Hispamar Satélites, a subsidiary in Brazil of the Spanish company Grupo Hispasat, whereby we will provide them with the necessary consultancy to design and implement a Social Responsibility Management System in accordance with the international IQNet SR10 in their organization.

With this new project, Grupo Hispasat will extend the scope of its current Social Responsibility Management System certified in accordance with the international standard IQNet SR10 to its subsidiary Hispamar, applying it to the relationships it maintains with its stakeholders in the development of its activities in Brazil, thus improving the management it currently carries out of its key stakeholders in the South American country.

To achieve this, a specialist consulting team from Cuevas & Montoto will first carry out a ‘Gap Analysis’ against the requirements of the IQNet SR10 standard in Hispamar, and then generate or modify the internal processes and documents that are necessary to cover the missing requirements in this Brazilian subsidiary of Grupo Hispasat, integrating them into its current Social Responsibility Management System. Once this is done, we will go on to provide the corresponding training, making sure that the new features are correctly implemented in the Brazilian organization. After a certain period, we will carry out the mandatory internal audit with an independent auditor, prior to the external certification audit, during which we will also be present, continuously providing our support, until the organization and the activities of Hispamar are included in th IQNet SR10 certification achieved by Grupo Hispasat last year.

By signing of this contract, Cuevas & Montoto Consultores strengthens its relationship with Grupo Hispasat, one of its main clients. This new advisory project with them, once again in the field of Social Responsibility, comes after the one awarded in April 2023 to help them obtain ISO 14001 certification in Spain, and the one awarded in January 2023 to provide them technical advice on environmental compliance, as well as the first one awarded in 2022 to help them obtain the IQNet SR 10 certification for Corporate Social Responsibility in Spain.

About Grupo Hispasat and Hispamar Satélites
Grupo Hispasat is the Spanish communications satellite operator, leader in the dissemination and distribution of audiovisual content in Spanish and Portuguese. With more than 25 years of experience it has broad presence in the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America, where it is already the fourth largest satellite operator. In recent years, Grupo Hispasat has positioned itself solidly in high-growth markets and has a stable base of strategic customers. Hispamar, on the other hand, was founded in Brazil in 2002 by Grupo Hispasat (with 80% of the shares) and the Brazilian company Oi, a pioneering telecommunications operator in the provision of convergent services in Brazil (with the remaining 20%). Grupo Hispasat distributes more than 1,250 television and radio channels through its powerful fleet of satellites and is a key driver of the Spanish aerospace industry. [Sources: and]

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